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LCS-U 40mm

Versatile LED Signal Tower silver-body featuring high quality and low price.


LE 50mm

The LE Series offers a wide voltage range and an improved alarm and LED system.


LES-A 50mm

The LES Series is a quality, cost saving, LED signal tower with prices below incandescant.

100mm - Modular

LGE 100mm - Modular

The large diameter of the LGE offers a modular design and with its increased visibility at distances, is suitable for large machines.


LHE-A 70mm

With a protection rating of IP 65, the LHE Signal Tower design can adapt to wet environments.

Network Monitor Signal Tower 25mm

PHU-3 Network Monitor Signal Tower 25mm

Signal Tower can be controled directly by PC through USB

Audible Alarm & LED Tower

RFT Audible Alarm & LED Tower

The RFT is an LED Rotating Warning Light with built-in alarm sounds controllable for up to 32 sounds with binary or bit input.

MP3 Compatible Annunciator

RFV MP3 Compatible Annunciator

The RFV Series is a combination LED rotating beacon with a 4 channel, MP3 programmable sound unit.

37.5mm Profile

WE 37.5mm Profile

The WE Series is a chrome-plated, slim-styled body "half-moon" signal tower to integrate seamlessly with equipment.

37.5mm Profile

WEP 37.5mm Profile

The WEP Series is an ivory colored, slim-styled body "half-moon" signal tower to integrate seamlessly with equipment.

80mm Profile

WME-A 80mm Profile

The WME-A Wall-Mount Series solves your space problems! This LED-based model is designed for easy mounting to save you both time and money.


LCS-A 40mm

The LCS-A is an LED Signal Tower with a short body, featuring high quality, low price and highly visible reflective system. (LCS-U also available)