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100mm Rotating

RH-A 100mm Rotating

The RH-A / RHB-A Series is a small-size, versatile, durable, and compact revolving light with a dome lens. The terminal block allows easy wiring.

100mm LED Revolving Warning Light

RHE 100mm LED Revolving Warning Light

The RHE series is a compact LED revolving warning light featuring enhanced illumination with 1super bright LED chip, a dome and an innovative light dispersion reflector system.

82mm Rotating

RS 82mm Rotating

The RS Series is a mini-sized revolving warning light designed with a squared-off dome for compact machinery applications.

82mm Rotating

RU 82mm Rotating

The RU Series mini-size revolving warning lights designed with a dome for control signals and productivity.

82mm Rotating

RUP 82mm Rotating

The RUP Series mini-size, revolving warning light with pole is a bright idea for control signals and productivity

118mm Rotating

SKH(B)-A 118mm Rotating

The SKH(B)-A Series, economic rotating lights, come with one-piece lens and base.

100mm Rotating

SKH-EA 100mm Rotating

The SKH-EA Series is a popular selling rotating warning light with a superior weather resistant dome used for a variety of applications.

118mm LED Revolving Warning Light

SKHE 118mm LED Revolving Warning Light

Compact LED revolving warning light featuring enhanced illumination with one super bright LED chip and a new dispersing reflection system.

138mm Rotating

SKP-A 138mm Rotating

Environment resistant and corrosion-proof Revolving Warning Light featuring silent and stable rotation.

100mm Rotating

WH-A 100mm Rotating

Wall-mount Revolving Warning Light with a dome featuring easy wiring with terminal block.