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Flashing - Xenon
Flashing - Xenon
The KX Strobe uses a xenon discharge tube for an intense flash with superior night visibility. It features a shock-resistant xenon tube for extended bulb life.

Product Features

Newly Developed Prism Cut Lens: For bright illumination and improved visibility from all directions.
· Extended Bulb Life: Shock resistant xenon, even under severe vibration.
· Installation: Upright, inverted and sideways for indoors only.
· Main Body: Impact and heat resistant ABS resin.
· Lens: Superior impact and heat resistant polycarbonate resin for superior durability and light transmission.
· Superior Visibility: Intensive flashing using a xenon lamp (night-time visibility: 1,000m or more).
· Flashing Cycle: Adjustable between 30~90 times/minute.
· IP55 with the optional Rubber gasket SZ-200A (IP23 without SZ-200A).
· Available Colors: Red, Amber, Green, Blue.

The KX successor model : LFH

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Model Specifications

SIZE - 100mm diameter
- 24V DC
- 100V AC
- 120V AC
- 220V AC
FUNCTIONS - Strobe with adjustable flash rate (30, 60, 90 FPM)
MOUNTING - Direct mount
- Indoor only (upright, upside down, horizontal)
BODY STYLE - Round Base
- Capped, colored Lens
- Pre-assembled, pre-wired
BODY COLOR - Body: Beige
LIGHT SOURCE - Light Source: Xenon discharge tube
- Lens Colors: Red / Amber / Green / Blue / clear
GLOBE MATERIAL - Polycarbonate Resin
CONFORMITY STANDARDS - UL Component Recognition (US)
- c-UL Component Recognition (Canada)
PROTECTION RATINGS - Without SZ-200A rubber gasket: IP-23
- With SZ-200A rubber gasket: IP-55


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