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100mm Signal Tower

The LKEH series is a large horn and signal tower combination that supplies greater sound and capability.

It is recommended when using the LKEH-FV, to get the Playlist Editor 2 software.
To have the Playlist Editor 2 software sent to you, contact your local PATLITE representative to request the Playlist Editor 2.

100mm Signal Tower

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100mm Signal Tower
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Product Features

The LKEH series is a large horn and signal tower combination that supplies greater sound and capability.
In order for LKEH-FV to use, you would need to get Playlist Editor of the software.
If you would like to use software to input voice synthesis data, please contact your local PATLITE overseas office by email. The Playlist Editor will be sent to you.

• Visible from great distance with ultra bright LEDs and 100mm diameter lens.
• Safe for use at high vibration environment with robust 2G vibration resistant design.
• Easy to control with only one common wire for both LEDs and audible signals.
• CE, RoHS, IP53, (UL, c-UL pending).
• Field programmable with SD card. (Sold separately) (LKEH-FV) Message capacity is up to 64 seconds (64kbit/s) with 5 channels by a bit input and 31 channels by nary input.
• Volume is adjustable from 0 to 105dB (at 1m) to fit various environments.
• Smooth LED lens surface.

Model Specifications

DIMENSIONS - 100mm diameter
- 100V AC
- 220V AC
AUDIBLE STYLE - LKEH-FE: 8 pre-recorded alarm sounds
- LKEH-FV: 64 seconds total recording time: factory recorded with 5 channel bit input; or 31 channel binary input
* MPEG Layer-3 audio coding technology licensed from Fraunhofer IIS and Thompson Licensing
VOLUME - Maximum 105dB at 1 meter with adjustable volume control
BODY STYLE - Pre-assembled, pre-wired only for module colors specified, lens interchangeable after purchase
BODY COLOR - Body: Beige
- Amber
- Green
- Blue
LENS MATERIAL - Polycarbonate Resin