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The VSST-LR is only available in the North, Central and South American Territories.
Pre-wired/assembled, manually-controlled LED Signal Towers
Pre-wired/assembled, manually-controlled LED Signal Towers
Patlite’s VSST-LR is a rugged, manually controlled LED Signal Tower for industrial environments. The system can be configured to accomodate up to 5 LED colors, 2 alarms and steady or flashing functions. Matched switch and LED colors make operation easy and convenient.

The Manual Switchbox Assembly can be mounted using the L-bracket provided, or by using the mounting holes provided in the box. A nearby 120V outlet make connection to power convenient and easy.

The VSST-LR series is an ideal solution for the industrial environment, but looks great in the office too.

Product Features

· Compatible with LR4-LR6 (40mm-60mm) LED Signal Towers
· Select up to 5 LED light tiers with flashing and alarm capabilities
· Able to customize configuration of light colors and rotary switches
· Able to select any light tier for flashing without needing to re-wire*
· Built-in wall mount
· Industrial-grade material and construction

* Must purchase Signal Towers with flashing/buzzer functionality

Model Specifications

DIMENSIONS - See Manual in "File Downloads" section
OPERATING VOLTAGES -100-240V AC (power adaptor included)
FUNCTIONS Option 1: Continuous only
Option 2: Continuous, flashing, with up to 2 alarms
MOUNTING - Wall Mount using L-bracket
- Wall Mount using switch box mounting holes
BODY STYLE Assembly includes:
- 40mm, 50mm, or 60mm diameter signal tower, pole-mounted on switch box
- 1530mm power supply cord attached (5.0 feet)
- Switch box with 1 to 6 rotary switches, linear array
- Color-coded 2 or 3-position switches matching LED colors
- Wiring to accommodate colors & functions ordered
BODY COLOR - Tower body: Off-white
- Switch box: Front side-Light Gray; back side-Black
MODULE COLORS - LED Colors: Red / Amber / Green / Blue / White
CONFORMITY STANDARDS - Power Supply is UL Listed
- Tower is UL Component Recognized
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