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Programmable, 32 messages
Programmable, 32 messages
The PV Series is a unique programmable ADPCM multi-message annunciator that offers a variety of messages and control options with a capability of storing up to 32 messages and maximum recording time of up to 128 seconds.

Product Features

・Select 1 of 16 Channels available by signal input to 1 of 16 terminals
・In Binary Mode, select 1 of 32 Channels available by signal inputs among 6 terminals
・Total Recording Time : 64 seconds* (PV-064)、128 seconds (PV-128)  *Bit Rate: 64kbits/sec, F(s) = 16kHz, ADPCM
・Strobe Input : Used in Binary Mode to start message playback
・Reset Input : Terminates message output
・Busy Output : On while message is playing

Model Specifications

DIMENSIONS - 230mm x 94mm x 48mm
- 100V/220V AC
AUDIBLE STYLE - Program up to 32 messages
- Up to 128 seconds of program time
MOUNTING - Wall, Panel or DIN rail mount
- Vertical or horizontal direction
- Indoors only
VOLUME - Max. 110dB at 1 meter when SPW-5E speaker is used
- Continuously adjustable from zero
SOUND STORAGE - 64 seconds
- 128 seconds
CHANNEL SELECTION - Messages composed from a pre-recorded library (Message availability may be limited)
- Customized Messages can be created at the factory (Additional costs may apply)
FUNCTIONS - Inputs 1-16 provided for up tp 16 messages
- Inputs 1-6 provided for binary control of up to 32 messages
- BIN input provided to select binary mode
- RST input provided for message (stop and) reset
- STB input provided for initiating binary-selected mes
OPTIONS - SPB-3D: Box-speaker style, 3 watts
- SPW-5E: Horn speaker style, 5 watts
- Note: Speaker is not included (must be purchased separately)
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