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100mm Strobe/Flash/Rotate
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100mm Strobe/Flash/Rotate
The KHE is an LED beacon featuring three selectable light patterns of Strobe, Flashing or Virtual-rotation for diversified uses. The clear lens makes it easier to see the light, even in bright ambient conditions.

Product Features

· Flashing Pattern: 3 Patterns···Simulated Rotation, Strobe, Blinking.
· Enhanced Illumination: Use of long-life, super bright LED.
· Maintenance-free: No bulb replacement needed.
· Energy Efficient: Low power consumption.
· Extended Product Life: Longer life without the use of a motor.
· Installation: Indoor: upright, inverted and sideways; Outdoors: upright only.
· Available Colors: Red, Amber, Green, Blue

Model Specifications

SIZE - 100mm diameter
FUNCTIONS - Simulated rotation
- Strobing
- Flashing
MOUNTING - Direct mount
- Indoor only (upright, upside down, horizontal)
BODY STYLE - Round Base
- Round-Top, clear Dome
- pre-assembled for LED Color specified, pre-wired
BODY COLOR - Body: Beige
- Body: Gray
LIGHT SOURCE - Light Source: LED
- LED Colors (power on): Red / Amber / Green / Blue
- Dome Color (power off): clear
GLOBE MATERIAL - Polycarbonate Resin
- UL Listed (US)
- c-UL Listed (Canada)
- RoHS
PROTECTION RATINGS - IP-55: with rubber gasket SZ-200A
- IP-23: without rubber gasket SZ-200A


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