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70mm - CC-Link
70mm - CC-Link
CC-Link supported Signal Tower for Open-field Network.

Product Features

· Single Cable: Regulates electrical power and control signals.
· Easy Connection: Direct connection to a linked CC-Link interface with CC-Link cable, without I/O terminals, up to 64 units.
· Required Device: CC-Link-type controller (i.e. CC-Link master).
· Data Storage: Addresses set by dip switch.
· Lighting Pattern: Continuous only, no flashing.
· B type: Built-in alarm; LHE: 90dB at 1m (adjustable)
· Interchangeable modules*: No re-wiring even after installation, except for WEP type

Model Specifications

DIMENSIONS - 70mm diameter
OPERATING VOLTAGES - 24V DC (Network and device power)
FUNCTIONS - Continuous Only
- Continuous, Flashing, Alarms
- Integrate with a standard CC-Link network
BODY STYLE - Up to 5 modules can be stacked
- Amber
- Green
- Blue
- Clear
AUDIBLE STYLE - Selectable two-tone alarm, 90dB (at 1m)


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