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70mm - DeviceNet
70mm - DeviceNet
If your control bus is a DeviceNet TM system, Patlite has one signal tower choice for you. This low cost industrial network solution is rapidly growing in popularity. DeviceNet TM can give you the connectivity to eliminate expensive wiring while providing

Product Features

· Single Cable: Uses DeviceNet cable only, which transfers power and signals for control.
· Easy Connection: Directly connect up to 64 linked DeviceNet units with DeviceNet cable, without I/O terminals.
· Required Device: DeviceNet-type controller (i.e. DeviceNet Master).
· Data Storage: Addresses set by dip switch.
· Light Pattern: Continuous only, no flashing.
· B type: Built-in alarm; LHE: 90dB at 1m (adjustable),
· Sound Pattern: LHE: Intermittent tone, Alarm 1: short beep, Alarm 2: long beep.
· Interchangeable modules*: No re-wiring even after installation, except for WEP type

Model Specifications

DIMENSIONS - 70mm diameter
OPERATING VOLTAGES - 24V DC (Network and device power)
FUNCTIONS - Continuous Only
- Continuous, Flashing, Alarms
- Integrate with a standard DeviceNet network
BODY STYLE - Up to 5 modules can be stacked
- Amber
- Green
- Blue
- Clear
AUDIBLE STYLE - Selectable two-tone alarm, 90dB (at 1m)


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