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Message/Sound Module

High-quality MP3-supported voice and sound module replays 1 alarm or message from up to 4 selections, with 32 seconds of total program time. Designed to mount on top of the LU7 series towers to provide 360 degrees of full sound.

Message/Sound Module

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Message/Sound Module
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Product Features

· Volume: Adjustable with internal control, high level of 80dB at 1m in all direction.
· Playback System: High quality MP3, alarms, melodies or up to 4 messages in 32 seconds.
· Operating Terminal / Playback Sound: Selected by internal jumper placement.
· CE compliant.
· UL approved.

Model Specifications

DIMENSIONS - 70mm diameter
CHANNEL SELECTION - Up to 4 messages for a total of 32 seconds.