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Thin Straight

HWS-M1LJF Thin Straight

Light and thin all lighting straight multi-visual light-bar with 1108mm in length and an adjustable bracket.

186mm Rotating

KG 186mm Rotating

The KG Series is a large and economical revolving warning light with a dual reflector.

100mm Strobe/Flash/Rotate

KHE 100mm Strobe/Flash/Rotate

The KHE is an LED beacon featuring three selectable light patterns of Strobe, Flashing or Virtual-rotation for diversified uses. The clear lens makes it easier to see the light, even in bright ambient conditions.

116mm Rotating

KJ 116mm Rotating

The KJ Series is a larger beacon that uses a mirrored parabolic reflector for increased visibility.

116mm Rotating

KJB 116mm Rotating

The KJB Series is a larger beacon with buzzer that uses a mirrored parabolic reflector for increased visibility.

82mm Rotating

KJS 82mm Rotating

The KJS series is a compact cube tower featuring a design to be used for applications with small equipment.

82mm Rotating

KJSB 82mm Rotating

The KJSB series is a compact cube tower with a buzzer, featuring a design to be used for applications with small equipment.

116mm square Revolving Light

KJT 116mm square Revolving Light

The KJT Series combines highly visible multi-tiered rotating lights with sound. It offers doubly effective warning signals.

162 mm Rotating

KP-A 162 mm Rotating

Corrosion-proof plastic Revolving Warning Light for a wide range of applications.

70mm Steady/Flash Modular

KUS 70mm Steady/Flash Modular

The modular KUS Series cube tower, with advanced technology, combines two different light styles on one base. Choose from LED and bulb modules, or add an alarm module to make up your tower.


LCE 40mm

The LCE Series features low maintenance and energy efficiency using the latest in LED technology


LCE-A 40mm

Low-priced, high quality LED Signal Tower featuring low maintenance and energy savings.


LCE-U 40mm

The LCE-U Series is a silver-color body LED towers that is versatile and attractive.


LCS 40mm

The LCS is an LED Signal Tower with a short body, featuring high quality, low price and highly visible reflective system (LCS-U is available)


LCS-U 40mm

Versatile LED Signal Tower silver-body featuring high quality and low price.


LE 50mm

The LE Series offers a wide voltage range and an improved alarm and LED system.

50mm - CC-Link

LE-C3 50mm - CC-Link

CC-Link supported Signal Tower for Open-field Network.


LES-A 50mm

The LES Series is a quality, cost saving, LED signal tower with prices below incandescant.

100mm - Modular

LGE 100mm - Modular

The large diameter of the LGE offers a modular design and with its increased visibility at distances, is suitable for large machines.


LHE-A 70mm

With a protection rating of IP 65, the LHE Signal Tower design can adapt to wet environments.