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Network Monitoring LED Signal Tower w/ MP3 Alerts
Network Monitoring LED Signal Tower w/ MP3 Alerts
Monitor your network and be notified in real-time of pre-designated events and device failures via visual signals, alarms, MP3 voice alerts and email.
【End of production at the end of June 2018】
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Product Features

  • Visual or Audible Alerts – LED lights and/or alarms indicate the severity of devices not answering ping. Alerts will flash or sound until connection is restored but will stay passively on until the alert is acknowledged and the “Clear” button is pressed.

  • Email Alerts – Send emails to up to 8 addresses per alert notification

  • MP3 Voice Alerts w/ Volume Control – Load custom voice messages into the NHL to notify an operator of specific network statuses

  • Supports SNMP, HTTP, PNS (Developed by PATLITE), Socket Transmission command protocols

  • Ping up to 24 nodes or devices on your network

  • Built-in Digital I/O – Connect and control equipment with digital output and contact inputs

Model Specifications

DIMENSIONS - Tower diameter: 60mm
- Overall dimensions: 113mm x 154mm x 350mm

PROTOCOLS - Physical Layer: 10 BASE-T/100 BASE-TX
- Data Link Layer: CSMA/CD
- Network Layer: IP/ICMP/B6
- Transport Layer: TCP/UDP
- Application Layer: HTTP/RSH/SMTP/SNMP/POP/DNS/Socket/NTP/DHCP
FUNCTIONS - Ping Device monitor
- Digital Input and Output
- RSH command
- SNMP v1・v2C
- Application monitor
- E-mail Transmission
- Line Out
- Easy Access Volume Control
- Preset Sound: Buzzer; 4 Selections
           Chime; 3 Selections
           Message; 3 Selections
BODY STYLE Interface converter:
- Low profile steel casing
- Bumper pads installed to protect surface finish

- Pre-assembled, mounted to converter base
- LED modules are interchangeable
BODY COLOR - Interface Converter Base: Off-white
- Tower: Light gray
STACKABLE TIERS - 3 tiers only
MODULE COLORS - LED source Color: Red/Amber/Green (only)
- Lens Color: clear Lens
AUDIBLE STYLE - Audio File Formal: MPEG1-Audio Layer Ⅲ (MP3) Sampling Frequency 44.1kHz
- Bite Rate: 32kbit/s, 64kbit/s (Standard Rate), 128kbit/s
        Constant Bit Rate (CBR) Only
- Number of Playback Messages: USB Memory Transfer Package: 30 kinds
                Web Setup Tool Registrations: 30 kinds
                Preset Registrations: 10 kinds
- UL 1638, CAN/ULC-S526
- RoHS (EN50581)
- FCC Part 15 Subpart B Class A
- EMC Directive (EN 55032 (Class A), EN 55024)


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