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MP3 Playback Circuit Board

FV-127JP MP3 Playback Circuit Board

Audio messages can be registered in a maximum of 127 channels on the FV-127JP unit. This is ideal for installation inside various equipment or facilities where audio message assistance is required, and field programming is necessary.


HSST 50mm

The HSST kit is a low cost complete turn-key solution for manually controlling a pre-assembled, pre-wired 3 stack light tower. The kit includes a 3 stack LED tower, pole, control box, brackets and AC adapter. Ideal for use in manual assembly operatio...

116mm square Revolving Light

KJT 116mm square Revolving Light

The KJT Series combines highly visible multi-tiered rotating lights with sound. It offers doubly effective warning signals.


LCE 40mm

The LCE Series features low maintenance and energy efficiency using the latest in LED technology


LCE-A 40mm

Low-priced, high quality LED Signal Tower featuring low maintenance and energy savings.


LCE-U 40mm

The LCE-U Series is a silver-color body LED towers that is versatile and attractive.


LCS 40mm

The LCS is an LED Signal Tower with a short body, featuring high quality, low price and highly visible reflective system (LCS-U is available)


LCS-U 40mm

Versatile LED Signal Tower silver-body featuring high quality and low price.


LE 50mm

The LE Series offers a wide voltage range and an improved alarm and LED system.

50mm - CC-Link

LE-C3 50mm - CC-Link

CC-Link supported Signal Tower for Open-field Network.


LES-A 50mm

The LES Series is a quality, cost saving, LED signal tower with prices below incandescant.

100mm - Modular

LGE 100mm - Modular

The large diameter of the LGE offers a modular design and with its increased visibility at distances, is suitable for large machines.


LHE-A 70mm

With a protection rating of IP 65, the LHE Signal Tower design can adapt to wet environments.

Network Monitor Signal Tower 25mm

PHU-3 Network Monitor Signal Tower 25mm

Signal Tower can be controled directly by PC through USB

Audible Alarm & LED Tower

RFT Audible Alarm & LED Tower

The RFT is an LED Rotating Warning Light with built-in alarm sounds controllable for up to 32 sounds with binary or bit input.

MP3 Compatible Annunciator

RFV MP3 Compatible Annunciator

The RFV Series is a combination LED rotating beacon with a 4 channel, MP3 programmable sound unit.

37.5mm Profile

WE 37.5mm Profile

The WE Series is a chrome-plated, slim-styled body "half-moon" signal tower to integrate seamlessly with equipment.

37.5mm Profile

WEP 37.5mm Profile

The WEP Series is an ivory colored, slim-styled body "half-moon" signal tower to integrate seamlessly with equipment.

37.5mm - CC-Link

WEP-C3 37.5mm - CC-Link

CC-Link supported Signal Tower for Open-field Network.

80mm Profile

WME-A 80mm Profile

The WME-A Wall-Mount Series solves your space problems! This LED-based model is designed for easy mounting to save you both time and money.