Airport Baggage Conveyor
While a conveyor turntable operates in baggage claim, accident prevention can lead to service improvement, such as easily making a distinction between boarding machines in a luminescence color matching each airline image.
Lighting Method: "Sine Curve Display"
Like a gentle firefly, a subtle operation to shine,
rather than flash an operation status.
Retailer Check-out Register System
In a larger supermarket, the congested state of a register can be displayed by a color.
It visually shows a customer to move intuitively to a vacant register.
Moreover, it can also nonchalantly transmit various forms of informative signals from a cashier to another employee with a luminescent pattern or color expression.
Lighting Method: "All-point Lighting Display"
When checking out at the register, it can display in a flowing operation,
and when it is vacant, a smooth guidance with "All-point Lighting" can be used.