Please check the following points before inquiring about your REVOLITE LA6 Signal Tower.
What is the signal line input status when attempting data transfer?
It does not operate untill after transfer completion.
How is the signal line input wiring used?
A one-shot trigger input is used for the smart mode "impulse-wave trigger" input.
All other inputs use a level hold input.
Can two or more units be synchronized to operate simultaneously?
No, they cannot.
Even when starting two or more units simultaneously, a lag will occur with flashing or the alarm sound.
I would like to know what the setting range is for the "Time-trigger Type" lighting.
One pattern can be set between 0.1 seconds and 3600 seconds.
The range and the set up value is between 0-3600 for the group setting time span.
Can the flashing / pulse enable and common wires be connected in "Smart Mode"?
Do not connect any of those wires in "Smart Mode".
It may cause intermittent or adverse operation.
What kind of cable is necessary to connect the Revolite Main Unit with a personal computer for editing software that was installed?
A microUSB cable for Charging/Data Transfer (USB A male to USB Micro-B male) is necessary.
Is it possible to toggle between the Signal Tower mode and Smart Mode?
It is possible.
If the mode switchover is turned to "ON", it will change to the operation pattern in the Smart Mode.
If the mode switchover is turned "OFF", it will operate in Signal Tower mode.
After the setup data is changed, is it necessary to turn the power ON and OFF?
Since there is an automatic reset inside after the data transfer, it is unnecessary.
Is it possible to use while connected with the USB connection?
It is possible.
Is it possible to reverse-transfer the setup data that is registered in the Main Unit?
It is possible.
However, please be aware the data is overwritten during editing in the application software.
Can a dimming setup be used for every group?
It is possible.
Is it possble to use the smart mode for different purposes with one Main Unit?
No, it is not.
Only one of the three "single display", "time trigger" or "pulse-trigger" can be used at a time.
When changing the mode, be sure to also change the luminescence program data.
What Operating Systems support the editing software?
Windows 7 (32/64 bit versions)
Windows 8 (32/64 bit versions)
Windows 8.1 (32/64 bit versions)
* Although the operation has been checked for Windows XP, since Microsoft Co. no longer supports the OS, no warranty or guarantee exists.