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First, view the FAQ before asking about your LA6 Signal Tower.

OperationConcernsQuestions about your operations concerns
Q1What is the signal line input status when attempting data transfer?
It does not operate untill after transfer completion.
Q2What is the "Signal Input" method?
A one-shot trigger input is used for the "Smart Mode" "Pulse Trigger Type" input.
All other inputs use a level hold input.
Q3Can the main unit combine the "Single Display", "Time Trigger", and "Pulse Trigger" in the "Smart Mode"?
No, they cannot be combined in the "Smart Mode."
Only one of the three "Single Display", "Time Trigger" or "Pulse Trigger" can be used at a time.
Q4Is it possible to toggle between the "Signal Tower" mode and "Smart Mode"?
It is possible to toggle between the two modes.
If the mode switch is turned "ON", it will operate in the "Smart Mode." If the mode switch is turned "OFF", it will operate in "Signal Tower Mode."
Q5If the LA6 is turned on after the information set transfer of LA6 goes wrong, will all the LA6 tiers flash in red?
When power is applied to the LA6, the normal information setting is automatically checked.
If the information set contents is inaccurate, all tiers will flash in red.
If this occurs, retransmit the information set with the LA6 application software.
Q6During the "Smart Mode" time trigger operation, why does the display color change earlier than the set-up time?
The default setup for the LA6 application software time span is set as 0.1 seconds.
If a "5" is entered for the lighting time, the lighting pattern will be held for 0.5 seconds.
It is recommended to set the time span for one second, so the unit can operate for a one second duration.
Q7While in the "Smart Mode" time trigger operation, why doesn't it progress to the next lighting pattern when lighting pattern 1 is held to be displayed?
If "0 seconds" is entered in the LA6 application software during the lighting time, the setup becomes infinite and does not progress to the following lighting pattern.
If nothing is set up, then "0 seconds" is entered as a default value.
WiringConcernsQuestions about your wiring concerns
Q8Can two or more units be synchronized to operate simultaneously?
No, they cannot be synchronized.
Even when starting two or more units simultaneously, a lag will occur with the flashing or alarm sound.
Q9Can the flashing and pulse enable common line be used in the "Smart Mode"?
It cannot be used in the "Smart Mode."
It may cause intermittent or adverse operation.
Q10What cable is necessary to connect with the main unit from the personal computer so that data can be created from the LA6 application software?
A micro-USB cable for Charging/Data Transfer (USB A male to USB Micro-B male) is necessary.
Q11Can a USB connection turn the product on just by plugging the USB into the product?
No, it cannot be powered by the USB connection.
Q12Is it necessary to supply power to the LA6 main unit to transfer data from the LA6 application software to the LA6?
It is possible to transfer data, even if there is no power supplied to the LA6.
However, the simulation function cannot be used while there is no power supplied to the LA6.
Q13What precautions should be made for unused signal wires?
Every unused signal wire should be insulated with insulation tape, etc.
If it is bundled without insulation, wires may short-circuit and cause unwanted or intermittent operation.
SoftwareConcernsQuestions about your software concerns
Q14After changing the setup data, is turning the power "ON" and "OFF" necessary?
Turning the power "ON" and "OFF" is not necessary.
Q15What is the setting range for the "Time Trigger Type" lighting?
For each pattern: 0.1 second - 360 seconds (time-span setup: 0.1 second); 1 second - 3600 seconds (time-span setup: 1 second).
Q16Is it possible to read what the registered information is set to in the main unit?
It is possible to transmit if the data creation was made with the LA6 application software.
As a caution, keep in mind that the current information set will be overwritten.
Q17Why doesn't the pattern change in the "Time Trigger Type" mode?
When the set up value for the lighting time is "0", the time becomes infinite and pattern changes do not occur.
Q18Can a display color be selected from 21 colors when a sign pattern and Flash Reduction setup is used?
Yes, but it is limited to 9 colors.
Q19Can a dimming setup be used for every group?
It is possible for every group.
Q20Can the alarm sounds be previewed in the LA6 application software?
No, they cannot be heard from the LA6 application software.
It is possible to hear sample sounds by going to our company website and listening to the sample sounds.
Q21What OS supports the data creation for the LA6 application software?
Windows 7 (32/64 bit versions)
Windows 8 (32 bit / 64 bit version)
Windows 8.1 (32 bit/ 64 bit version)
Windows 10 (32 bit/ 64 bit version)
* Although it has been checked for Windows XP, since Microsoft Co. no longer supports the OS, no warranty or guarantee exists.
Q22What is the difference between the information set (.dat) and pattern data (.dts)?
The information set contains data for the "Signal Tower" mode and various "Smart Mode" applications.
Pattern data is group data used for the "One-time Trigger" or "Pulse Trigger" input functions.
Q23How is the pattern data added to the data creation for the LA6 application software?
The LA6 application software has an import function that can be used to add the pattern data.
Refer to the help section in the LA6 application software for details.
Q24What is the creation method for making pattern data?
The LA6 application software has an export function that can be used to create the pattern data.
Refer to the help section in the LA6 application software for details.
Q25Why is there an error message with the LA6 application software during the transfer of the information set to the LA6?
For slower computers, or sluggish transfer rates, there is a function to change the data transfer rate for the LA6 application software version 1.03 and above.
If the LA6 application software version being used is already 1.03 or above, try to change the transfer rate from a high speed to the standard speed and transfer again.
Q26Why is the LA6 application software help file display strange? Or it's not even showing?
The personal computer's security administration may be restricting functions from the LA6 application software, or it may be the network connection is restricting it from being viewed.
Q27What can be done about the LA6 application software not starting up, or when it becomes locked-up?
It may have become corrupted during decompression.
Depending on the personal computer's directory structure archiver at the time of setup, it may had decompressed in the same folder, without making a new folder.
If it does not make a new folder and all files are extracted in the same hierarchy while being decompressed, an error will occur.
Try resetting the archiver set-up so it will maintain the proper directory structure, and try to decompress again.


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