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Function of Azure

Cloud Application Monitoring Signal Tower
Connects directly to Azure cloud services without external devices or gateways

Effortless Device Setup
The digital inputs on the NH-3FV2W allows users to link devices not compatible with the cloud.
The Azure Device Template allows users to easily configure user-specific parameters and other properties of the NH-3FV2W.
Reliable and Accessible
The Azure IoT Central is a highly secure platform that enables remote device management and data collection.

Seamless Azure Integration

Collection of NH-3FV2W light data in the cloud

*Microsoft Azure is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.

Compatible models

Current models

  • NHL-FV2
  • NHP-FV2
  • NHS-FV1

Discontinued models

  • NHL-FV1
  • NHP-FV1

Supported firmware

Firmware version: 1.12 or later The latest firmware can be downloaded here.

Microsoft Azure operating procedures
(instruction manual)

Please confirm "Microsoft Azure operation procedure (instruction manual)" when operating Azure.
Downloadable from here.