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MP3 File Playback Circuit Board
MP3 File Playback Circuit Board
Audio messages can be registered in a maximum of 127 channels on the FV-127JP unit. This is ideal for installation inside various equipment or facilities where audio message assistance is required, and field programming is necessary.

Product Features

High quality sound and long playback time
· MP3 compressed audio file format enables long playback time and high quality sound.
· Approx. 8 minute long audio message data can be stored in an internal memory.
· 240 minute long playback is possible when SD card is used as an external memory. (MP3 data at 64kbits/s with 2GB SD card) Extraction and overwriting the audio messages
· Audio messages can be reprogrammed and overwritten easily with the playlist editor (included) and optional SD card. Also, the audio message data stored in the device can be extracted to SD card. 3 level volume reduction function
· Volume can be reduced at 3 levels by external signal input.
(-10dB, -20dB, -30dB at 1m) Various playback modes
· 5 playback modes are available. Highly reliable operation
· Duration of input loading can be selected. (10 or 50msec)
· Extending the duration of input loading enhances the noise resistance.
· Countermeasure against noise can be taken according to usage environment by noise countermeasure pin setting. Other features
· Terminal block provides safe and secure wire connections.
· Speaker output (2W or 4W selectable), AUX output and BUSY output equipped.
· Rated voltage: 24V DC (Operating voltage range: 19 to 29V DC)

Model Specifications

SOUND STORAGE - Sound Pattern : 127 messages in 480 seconds
CHANNEL SELECTION - Dip switch setting can also select Binary Input Mode
- MPEG Layer-3 audio coding technology licensed from Fraunhofer IIS and Thompson Licensing
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