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163mm Revolving Warning Light
163mm Revolving Warning Light
The RT series is a large horn with MP3 and rotating light combination for increased plant floor coverage.

Product Features

・MP3 with an SD card adds simplification to programming message data for high-quality sound. A total of 63 seconds is possible for playback of four messages in the “Bit Input Mode” and 15 messages in the “Binary Input Mode”. Message data can be easily edited using PATLITE’s playlist editor software (FV-Win) along with an SD card.
・Various Operational Modes The "Test Mode" can check the volume level, and the "Sound Reduction Mode" can reduce the volume by -20dB just by applying a signal to the reduction input during message playback. In addition, the switching between the "Bit Input Mode”, “Binary Input Mode" and controlling the input for Interrupt Playback Mode” and “Hold Playback Mode" is possible.
・Specifications for the DC 24V conforms to the EC directive (Directive for low voltage and EMC), and shows the CE Marking. Moreover, the DC 24V model also
corresponds to UL Standards.

Model Specifications

DIMENSIONS - 162mm diameter
- 100V AC
- 200V AC
AUDIBLE STYLE - RT-VF : 64 seconds total recording time: Up to 4 factory recorded messages
SOUND RECORDING OPTIONS - Messages composed from a pre-recorded library (Message availability may be limited)
- Customized Messages can be created at the factory (Additional costs may apply)
SOUND SELECTION - High-quality digital recording at 64kbits/sec using ADPCM technology
VOLUME - Maximum 105dB at 1 meter with adjustable volume control
- Amber
- Green
- Blue
BODY COLOR - Acrylic Resin
STACKABLE TIERS - Dry contact closure such as switches or relay contacts
- Open-collector transistor (NPN for DC24V and AC120V)
- Direct voltage control for DC24V, K and L-type Units only (see wiring diagrams)
PROTECTION RATING - IP-23 (IP-65 and UL by special order)


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