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USB / RS-232C 8-Channel Interface Converter
USB / RS-232C 8-Channel Interface Converter
Compact module that interfaces discrete signals between indication and control devices over USB or Serial RS-232C.
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Product Features

  • Supports ASCII commands sent over USB or Serial RS-232C to control devices, such as PATLITE visual/audible signaling devices or machinery

  • Built-in “Clear” button for quickly reverting the PHC to its initial state once an alert is confirmed

  • Receives power through USB or from a DC24V supply

  • 8 separate output channels can be independently controlled

  • Output contact capacity is 3 A/DC 30V, supporting power draw of PATLITE visual and audible signaling products

  • Built-in screwless terminal for easy wiring

* USB Cable (type A male to type B male) not included.


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