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Wireless Data Acquisition System  WD PRO Receiver
Wireless Data Acquisition System WD PRO Receiver
The WDR-LE-Z2-PRO (WD PRO Receiver) is a receiver that is part of PATLITE’s Wireless Data Acquisition System. This Wireless Data Acquisition System can wirelessly obtain light (and buzzer) statuses of connected signal towers in real-time, which can be output to a CSV file and analyzed to improve OEE and productivity.
The WD PRO Receiver is an enhanced version of previous receivers and supports a wide variety of protocols, enabling easy communication with the host system and other devices at your worksite.
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Product Features

  • PoE Capability
     The WD PRO Receiver can access both power and data through a single Ethernet cable so that wiring space and costs can be minimized.

  • Mounting Bracket
     The main unit of the WD PRO Receiver clicks onto a surface-mounting bracket.
     This allows for easy attachment and detachment, as well as versatility in mounting angles.

  • Wireless Connection Diagnostics
     The WD PRO Receiver is capable of tracking the quality of wireless connection between the receiver and its connected transmitters.
     Up to 72 hours of diagnosis results can be collected, taken at 10-minute intervals.
     There are 5 levels of diagnosis results, allowing users to identify when it is necessary to modify the installation environment.
     This collected data can easily be viewed on your computer through the setup browser.

  • Andon Display
     Real-time light (and buzzer) statuses of all connected signal towers can be displayed onto your computer screen through the setup browser.
     This can be done simultaneously with the CSV data collection.

  • Collaboration Functions
     In addition to the simple SOCKET protocol, the WD PRO Receiver has collaboration functions using Modbus/TCP and SQL database.  
     These protocols simplify communication and data collection between devices in your network.


ModelWireless Data Acquisition System
WD PRO Receiver
Wireless Data Acquisition System
WD PRO Receiver〈Lite version〉
Power Supply Input24V DC / USB / PoE
Mounting MethodHorizontal mounting / Wall mounting / Ceiling mounting
Network Communication Method10BASE-T / 100BASE-TX / 1000BASE-T
Transmitter ConnectionMaximum 30 units
Communication RangeLine of sight, Approximately 30m *1
IP Address SettingManual setup / DHCP auto configuration
Operating Ambient Temperature-10℃~+50℃ (AC Adaptor accessory : 0℃~+40℃)
Protection RatingIP20
Wireless Connection DiagnosticsReal-time diagnosis / Long-period diagnosis (1~72 hours)
Transmitter Wireless SettingsBuilt-in setup via browser / WDS-WIN01 software
Host System Communication・CSV file *Use WDS-WIN01
・SOCKET communication
 (WDR protocol)
・SOCKET communication
 (WDR PRO protocol)
・Database linkage (MySQL)
・Modbus/ TCP communication
WD-PRO・CSV file *Use WDS-WIN01
・ SOCKET communication
 (WDR protocol)
Andon Display×

※1 Due to the characteristics of radio waves, this value is only a reference point.

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