About Wireless

Flow to start of operation

Investigation of equipment subject to small start
Consider the smallest scale that can verify the effect of improvement,
such as one line.
Investigation of "visualization" software for facility operation
In-house development and use of
WD partner software.
Radio environment survey
Investigation of signal lights of the object equipment
List of device settings
Initial setting of WD series
Installation work
For the wiring of the power supply for the transmitter,
refer to Installation Guidelines".
Test operation

Start of operation

The introduction steps are summarized in detail.

"Installation Guidelines"

Introduction Guidelines

This booklet focuses on the basic functions of the WD-Z2 series to ensure the smooth introduction of WDs and summarizes the flow of WDs until the start of operation.
Please understand the details of each introduction step and attach reference materials for planning the introduction plan and sharing information with related departments. Be sure to understand the contents before starting the introduction.

How to obtain introduction guidelines

Download from "File Downloads" on the products page.