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MP3 Voice Announcer

Patlite’s new MP3 Player for Industrial applications has an unbelievably compact design with a sound output of 110dB (at 1m)!
New mode selection features, including a sound synthesizer mode to be heard easier in Factory and Public Address applications. Endures vibration resistance up to 4.5G’s, which is great for Forklifts, AGV’s, etc.

MP3 Voice Announcer

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MP3 Voice Announcer
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Product Features

- A 30% decrease in size in comparison to our current model (EWH) for a more compact design.
- Stronger vibration resitant characteristics to withstand up to 4.5G force.
- Despite the smaller size, it has a loudness for a maximum of 110dB (at 1m).
- Now offers a selection of Cable connection or Terminal connection.
- 4 playback modes in combination with commands available to be setup for the right application.
Playback Modes: Normal Playback; Input Priority Playback; Hold Playback; Memory Playback
Command Modes: Sound Reduction; Factory; Public Address; Bit/Binary; MP3 ON/OFF; Forced Playback; Group Selection
Terminal Assignment Modes: Playback; STOP; CLEAR; Sound Reduction
- Can be used with either PNP or NPN transistor driven inputs.
- It complies with Europe's environment-friendly RoHS Directive.
- Protection Rating of IP65 (Refer to manual for more details).
- The use of the SD card can allow changing messages while out in the field.
- Listed by Underwriters Laboratories Inc.
- Conforms to the CE requirements.(EHV-M1 Only)


Model Specifications

- AC 100 - 240V
MOUNTING - Bracket Mount Included
BODY COLOR - Off-white
VOLUME - up to 110dB at 1m
SOUND STORAGE - A total of 63 sounds stored (See Specifications for list)
- 4 Playback modes available to match the environment
CHANNEL SELECTION - Bit Mode: Select from 8 channels available with a signal input
- Binary Mode: Select from 63 channels available with a signal input
- CSA-C22.2 No. 205-M1983
- FCC Part 15 Subpart B Class 4
- CE (EHV-M1 Only)
- RoHS Compliant
FUNCTIONS - Sound Reduction
- MP3 capability for field programming
- Terminal or Cable connection option
- NPN or PNP Input compatability
- MPEG Layer-3 audio coding technology licensed from Fraunhofer IIS and Thompson Licensing
REMARKS - Vibration Resistance of 4.5G