PATLITE New Frontiers in Safety, Security and Comfort.


Our next generation signal tower line featuring cutting-edge technology, modular segments for field configuration, and a wide-array of options to fit the most challenging applications.

Product Features

  • Re-designed lens and improved module construction delivering bright, even light for visibility from further distances. (2000mcd output)

  • Re-engineered, completely enclosed sound module, maintaining substantial water and dust protection while producing loud, omni-directional sound. (LR5 DC12C: 80, LR4 & LR5: 85, LR6: 88, LR7: 90dB at 1m)

  • A modular, “Twist and Lock”, system to easily customize and reconfigure LED and sound modules. (Field configurable)

  • A sleek, smooth form factor and an enhanced body construction for performance in harsh environments. (IP65 protection rating)

  • Rated voltage: DC24V

  • Standard body color: Off-white. Silver and black bodies available as components only

  • Body unit with terminal block available as a component in off-white, silver, or black (LR7-WT & LR7-KT)

  • Four mounting options: Direct, pole with L-bracket, pole with circular bracket, and pole with folding bracket (Off-white only)





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