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Flashing Beacons
Flashing Beacons
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Product Features

  • Full Visibility

    The newly developed Fresnel lens distributes ambient, uniform light from all surfaces of the globe, including the top.
    Compared to competing products, the SL has a wider, light-emitting surface, with over 5 times the luminous intensity.

  • Easy Mounting

    IP66 rating (KT type)
    (1) Screw in the mounting bracket
    (2) Connect wires to the push-in terminal block
    (3) Mount the body onto the mounting bracket
    (4) Lock into place

    »[Video] Mounting video

Light Pattern

Application Examples

At this train station, a combination of flashing light and sound from the SL warns people at the platform of approaching trains.

The SL on this control panel alternates between continuous, blinking, and triple flashing lights to indicate normal, warning, and critical conditions respectively.

This SL is mounted on the ceiling of a store, indicating emergencies by flashing light, which is visible from a distance.

Model Number Configuration


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