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Rotating Beacons
Rotating Beacons
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Product Features

  • Durable and Reliable

    The SK is equipped with a brushless motor, which produces less heating than a conventional motor, and has a longer motor life.
    The steel ball bearings, located at the base of the reflector, are designed to greatly reduce wear over time and provides quiet reflector rotation.

  • Higher Visibility

    This newly developed dual-reflector efficiently distributes LED light, creating bright, even light output.
    The light-emitting surface is designed to provide maximum visibility and effective visual signals.

Light Pattern

Application Examples

The distinct light rotation of the SK makes it suitable for providing efficient visual signaling in emergency situations.

Due to the long-life LEDs in the SK, it is used in 24-hour parking structures where there is an absence of parking attendants, as an "always-on" warning light.

The SK installed on this AGV gives bright, rotating indication to its surroundings while in motion, to prevent accidents in case a person is stepping in the path of the vehicle.

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