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Voice Annunciator BSV

The new slim-designed BSV is an MP3 voice annunciator which produces excellent sound quality from pre-recorded MP3 files. The compact size allows panel mounting for even tight-fitting panels, with the integrated look for most any application and programming it is easily accomplished with Patlite's SD card (sold separate) and Patlite's free (downloadable) programming software.

Voice Annunciator BSV
Voice Annunciator BSV
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Product Features

・Thin Design
Our thinnest to match the miniaturization of production line equipment, with a compact design having a depth of only 19.9mm. A maximum sound of 87 dB (at 1m) can be reached with such a thin shape. The volume adjustment is easily accessible from the front panel, and a low power of 3.5W (max.) takes an extra load off the power supply.
・Easy Installation
With only the need to access it from the front, the cover is easily removable for installation and volume adjustment, which can reduce labor time for maintenance, etc.
・Message Rewriting
The SD card slot, as a standard accessory, allows the rewriting of MP3 data with an SD card. In addition to message rewriting with the exclusive application software, it is possible to change MP3 data file names or rewrite it without the application software.
・Extended Playback
The newly released BSV-L model allows 530 seconds (at a standard bit rate of 64kb/s) of message playback. This added feature can be used for extended messages where details are necessary, or for cases in which a message is done in multi-languages.


Model Specifications

MOUNTING - Panel mount in the Upright Position
BODY COLOR - Dark Gray
- Off White
- Silver
VOLUME - Maximum 87dB at 1 meter (For Panel Mount)
- Maximum 85dB at 1 meter (For Wall Mount)
SOUND STORAGE - Long Play Model: Approximate Recording Time: 520 seconds (Bit rate=64k/s)
- Standard Model: Approximate Recording Time: 63 seconds (Bit rate=64k/s)
CHANNEL SELECTION - Bit Input: 5 (Sound Reduction Mode: 4)
- Binary Input: 31 (Sound Reduction Mode: 7)
- UL
- RoHS
PROTECTION RATINGS - Panel Mount: IP54 (Upright Only)
- Wall Mount: IP20
FUNCTIONS - Normal Playback
- Hold Playback
- Priority Input Playback
- Memory Playback
REMARKS - PNP Transistor
- NPN Transistor
OPTIONS - Playlist Editor 2 (Free Software Version)
- SDV-128P: SD Card (for mp3 file transfer and storage)*
*Other SD cards not guaranteed to work