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Interface Converter

Interfaces discrete I/O signals between indication and control devices over Ethernet. Add a variety of PATLITE signaling devices to a network for real-time remote monitoring and/or data acquisition.

  • SNMP
  • HTTP
  • Email
  • PING
  • TRAP
Voltage: 24V DC
Body Color: Off-white
Mounting Type: Stationary / Wall Mount (with Angle Mount Bracket)
Mounting Direction: Upright
Terminals: 8 Digital Outputs / 8 Digital Inputs
  • Features
  • Function
  • Applications
  • Optional Parts
  • LAN port
  • USB port
  • Serial port
  • Clear and Reset switches
  • 8 discrete input and output channels
  • Equipped with one 24V DC output
  • Supports SNMP, HTTP, RSH, and Socket Transmission command protocols
  • Sends email alerts to notify remote workers of events
Front Panel
Back Panel
  • PING monitoring for up to 24 nodes on the network
  • 4 nodes distinguishes variable bindings
  • Send 8 RSH commands or SNMP TRAP transmissions per event
  • Control digital output with a 2-byte PHN command or by using a PNS command
  • Use a web browser to send commands via HTTP
  • Send emails to up to 8 addresses per alert notification
  • Control each device with 8 input terminal blocks, 8 output terminal blocks, and contact inputs independently
  • Trigger diverse
  • Upload or download configuration data, store logs, update firmware via USB port
  • SOCKET transmission up to 30 bytes
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