PATLITE New Frontiers in Safety, Security and Comfort.


Interface Converter

Compact, 8-Channel unit that interfaces discrete signals between indication and control devices over USB or Serial RS-232C

  • USB
  • RS-232C
Voltage: 24V DC
Body Color: Off-white
Mounting Type: Stationary
Mounting Direction: Upright
Terminals: 8 Digital Outputs
  • Features
  • Function
  • Optional Parts
  • USB port
  • Serial port
  • Set switch
  • Clear switch
  • Equipped with one 24V DC output
  • 8 separate output channels that can be controlled independently
  • Built-in screwless terminal for easy wiring
Front Panel
Wiring for RS-232C Port
  • Send ASCII commands over USB or RS-232C to control PATLITE signaling devices
  • Power over USB or 24V DC supply options
  • Clear Switch to turn off output terminals once an alert is confirmed.
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