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Angle Bracket

SZ-17Q Angle Bracket

Adjustable bracket for the 17.3mm diameter pole. Suitable for mobile equipment; transport the equipment without having to remove the signal tower, just fold it down.

CLK Brackets

SZ-320KS CLK Brackets

Wall brackets for the CLK to adjust the angle of lighting.

CLK Surface-mounting Bracket

SZ-330KP CLK Surface-mounting Bracket

Surface-mount wall bracket for the CLK.

Electric Siren Amplifier

SAP-100WB Electric Siren Amplifier

Six modes of siren tones are selectable from Air Horn, Peak-and-Hold, Wail, Yelp, Hi-Lo,Yeow.

118mm Rotating

SKH(B)-A 118mm Rotating

The SKH(B)-A Series, economic rotating lights, come with one-piece lens and base.

100mm Rotating

SKH-EA 100mm Rotating

The SKH-EA Series is a popular selling rotating warning light with a superior weather resistant dome used for a variety of applications.

118mm LED Revolving Warning Light

SKHE 118mm LED Revolving Warning Light

Compact LED revolving warning light featuring enhanced illumination with one super bright LED chip and a new dispersing reflection system.

138mm Rotating

SKP-A 138mm Rotating

Environment resistant and corrosion-proof Revolving Warning Light featuring silent and stable rotation.

Optional Speakers

SPB-2E Optional Speakers

Speaker 2W 8Ω

Optional Speakers

SPH-10EA Optional Speakers

Speaker 10W 8Ω

Optional Speakers

SPL-5E Optional Speakers

Speaker 5W 8Ω

Optional Speakers

SPW-5E Optional Speakers

Speaker 5W 8Ω

Platform Bracket

SZ-100 Platform Bracket

Attach the LS7 to increase its height without the pole-mounting hassle.

Wall Mount Bracket

SZ-110 Wall Mount Bracket

Mount the LS7 to a wall or on the side of a machine.

Bracket for CLT

SZ-300CL Bracket for CLT

Adjustable angle bracket for the CLT and CLF.

Bracket for CLA

SZ-310AR Bracket for CLA

Mountable bracket for the CLA comes standard, but can be ordered as replacement or to add-on.

Bracket for CLA

SZ-310ARM Bracket for CLA

Magnetic mountable bracket for the CLA.

Bracket for CLA

SZ-310AS Bracket for CLA

Side attachable bracket for the CLA.

Bracket for CLA

SZ-310ASB Bracket for CLA

Side attachable bracket for the CLA to adapt with the CLB mounting pitch.


SZ-40L Pre-assembled

Pre-assembled mounting set with 'L' bracket for the KUS model.